Teachers will be the most honorable profession, creative work - the most desirable activity

Arkady Strugatsky : writer
Boris Strugatsky : writer
The World of Noon will be a place where by the means of technical progress people will have solved all material problems and shortage of natural resources. It will be inhabited by deeply educated, creative, responsible, ethical, moral and honest people, having a great desire to create, work and explore. Their chief pleasure in life - to be successful in their creative work: arts, scientific research, education, caring of the young. Teachers will be the most honorable profession. The World itself will be a technocracy, without wars, crime and imperialism. This Noon Universe will be more like anarchistic meritocracy on different planets - a communist society. There will be "progressors" whose main aim will be to help to accelerate the development of less advanced civilizations by rescuing local scientist and artists for they to become new authorities and decision-makers. The World Council of the Noon Universe is comprised of artists, scientists, scholars and etc.
To make this prediction come true people need highly developed educational system, the role of Mentors and Learners is really important as well as the role of creative communities that as "islands" exist in Research institutes now. "A society that you call communism, and we - the World of Noon, it may be only on one very important caveat: to be formulated and implemented a high educational system, the ability to shape a "Homo educated" - a person whose chief pleasure in life become successful creative work. World of Noon is theoretically possible. People named type is not something fantastic, they lived among us always, and today often combined in creative groups to address the serious problem - it islets bright future, and it is now turn for small: to learn how to increase the number of people and the number of such "islands "until they merge into a single continent. And here it is, just seems unlikely. No high educational system, nor a man brought to anyone today does not need - nor any social group, or political parties, or religions. All completely satisfied with the present "Homo habilis", consumer. "

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