Accessible entertainment will lead to the "world of fools"

Arkady Strugatsky : writer
Boris Strugatsky : writer
The world will be a place of complete material well-being and communism where all people's need are immediately satisfied, a lot of easy accessible and even free entertainment, well developed service sector, but philistine society without any cultural or spiritual interests. Bored people secretly get works of art and ritually destroy them. There is a secret society called "Intels" - professors and university students - who despise Philistine for their meaningless lifestyle and organize terrorist acts trying to shake up this society. Philistines hate "Intels" because they disturb their fun. There also will be strong synthetic drugs "slag" used by everybody.
Brothers predicted the trend of development of consumer society, the invention of homemade chemical drugs "slag", that could be massively used, rave and audio drugs, communities of sport and urban extreme entertainment ("rybari"). Interesting is that apart they confirmed this Consumer World to be dull, homogeneous and immoral, they said that there was some advantage of it - absolute freedom to create, that if developed with technical progress could lead to new needs as the appearance of "Homo educated". "From all of the possible worlds I could imagine, the Consumer World is the most humane, it has a human face, as opposed to any totalitarian, authoritarian or aggressive-clerical world "

Strugatskiń≠, Arkadiń≠ Natanovich, and Boris Natanovich Strugatskiń≠. 2011. Khishchnye veshchi veka (= Final circle of Paradise). Moskva: AST.