The Earth will become a spaceship

Velimir Khlebnikov : poet
"You will attach the sail to the constellations,
So the Earth can sweep into supramundane tier
Further and rebellious,
And a bird of stars remain the same ..."
«Ты прикрепишь к созвездью парус,
Чтобы сильнее и мятежнее
Земля неслась в надмирный ярус,
А птица звезд осталась прежнею…"

"Bird of stars" - the image of our galaxy in the sky. With the discovery of the theory of relativity Khlebnikov's poetic dream took a shape of science fiction hypothesis. Time slows down as you approach the speed of light. Consequently, the "photon rocket" moving so fast will actually become the home of immortal humen. There are seriouse talks about photon sail now. Khlebnikov dreamed to turn the entire galaxy into a "photon rocket". The idea of turning the Earth into a moving ship was almost at the same time expressed by Tsiolkovsky. Khlebnikov desire is to transform the whole galazy into a ship.