Mumbai, Manila and Abuja will be new centers of Catholicism

John L. Allen, Jr. : journslist, expert in Catholicism
“75% of Catholics will be found in global south by mid-century. Places such as Mumbai, Manila and Abuja will be the primary centers of new intellectual imagination, pastoral leadership, and political momentum. As that transition unfolds, Catholicism on the global stage will become increasingly a church of the poor and a church committed to the agenda of the developing world, meaning economic justice, multilateralism, and opposition to war. Catholicism in the West will be increasingly ‘evangelical,’ meaning committed to defense of its traditional identity in an ever more secular milieu. Today it’s an embattled subculture and it’s learning to practice a “politics of identity” as an antidote to assimilation. In Europe and North America, in other words, Catholicism will not soften its role in the culture wars, but rather dial it up.”

John L. Allen, Jr., saying, Forbes, August, 2013