Russia will become a conscientious court for humanity

Petr Chaadayev : Philosopher
Russia expects great future and it will be the result of special features of Russian national character, its geographical position and virgin historical soil which preserved all its potential. It has natural purity, absence of strong cultural traditions that will help her to transmit key principles of civilization and evaluate them. "I have a deep conviction that we are called upon to solve most of the problems of the social order, to complete most of the ideas that emerged in the old society, to answer the most important questions which occupy mankind". "We are called to teach Europe a lot of things she could not understand without it ..."
Chaadaev was a member of Westernizer movement, and explained all Russian achievements and progress after Peter the Great as the result of imported western ideas, but he still believed in some special missionary role of Russia mostly in social and spiritual dimensions. The way to it leads through improving of education and intellectual progress, understanding advanced ideas and their introduction.

Petr Chaadayev, Apologia of Madman, article