The city will become an endless interior.

Archizoom : Architects
"In 1969, while carrying out an experimental work in the field of design , the Archizoom Group also undertook a research on environment, mass culture and the city which led to the project No-Stop City. This work, coinciding with the zenith of the Italian Radical movement, reveals to us this "Endless City" interwining architecture with objects and the triumphal customer society, giving an interpretation where the repetition of a single central element, a building or a group of objects makes up, though a play of mirrors, a catatonic environment, a boundless supermarket, a now reached future to be composed. No-Stop City is a qualityless city in which the individual can achieve his own housing conditions as a creative, frees and personnal activity."
"This "endless city" is organized the same way as a factory or a supermarket. It presents an iterative pattern with multiple centres and a neutral, even and unbroken. No-Stop City offers itself as a kind of car park fitted out with inhabitable furniture whose use can be adapted to the circumstances. Interior spaces, air-conditioned and artificially lit, allow the organisation of new inhabiting typologies, open and unbroken, intended for new forms of association and community life. "Considering architecture as an intermediate stage of urban organization that has to be overstepped, No-Stop City establishes a direct link between metropolis and furnishing objects: the city becomes a series of beds, tables chairs and cupboards; the domestic and urban furniture fully coincide." -