Russia either form a unit with Slavs or lose its importance

Nikolay Danilevsky : Economist, historian, naturalist, ethnologist
Danilevsky predicted Russia will have two options: either form a special, independent cultural unit with other Slavs and outlive Roman-German civilization in decline or lose all the cultural and historical importance and be nothing - "a historic trash".

He was a member of Slavophilia movement and believed in Russian special way and destiny in comparison to the western on, he is considered as the first author of civilization development concepts in history - later Oswald Spengler, Lev Gumilev, Arnold Toynbee and Hungtington

Danilevskiĭ, N. A. 1889. Rossiia i Evropa: vzgliad na kulturnyia i politicheskīia otnoshenīia slavianskago mira k germano-romanskomu. S.-Peterburg: Tip. Brat. Panteleevykh.