The future of "Rusichi" people will be glorious

Yuri Mirolyubov : writer
Mother Sva goddess predicted glorious future of Rusichi people (Russians and some Slavs): "Mother Sva calls us to go and defend our land, and fought for the center of our tribe, because we are rusichi. When our enemies were attacking us, we took swords in our hands and we were winning. And Mother Sva was saying that our future is glorious. And we leave into death like into feasting. "

Many scientist claim that Veles book is falsifyed in 1940-1950's by Russian emigrant to America, writer Yuri Mirolyubov. If Veles book is genius this prediction from ancient Slavic text can be true in a context that all enemies that would be trying to conquer our lands would be finally defeated - in that contest that is true, cause the land of "rusichi" - Russia - still exists and Russia has defeated every enemy trying to invade her, even centuries later as for Tatar and Mongol invasions of Rus'. It the Veles book is a forgery, it is till a prediction caused by the hard events of XX century аак Russian people

the Veles book