Educational utopia will be the driver of future cummunist Universe

Ivan Efremov : paleontologist, writer
Loss of desire to work will be considered the most damnable type of behavior in a future communist society. To avoid it there will be a Utopian pedagogical system: school separated by 4 age cycles studying in isolation from each other, school teaches the most advanced newest knowledge discarding old, importance of physical labor and culture, perception of nature - open-air classes. After school when turned 17 years old - practical studies "12 labors of Hercules" according to inclinations and talents for professional orientation, after 12 task are completed - 2-year higher education, then work and free choice of career, people usually got 5-6 degrees during their life
Efremov was inspired by educational ideas of Thomas More, John Amos Comenius, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Robert Owen and others

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