Technologies, urban life, selfishness, pleasure will prevail over family values

Nikolai Fyodorov : Philosopher, educator, futurologist, expert in librarianship
An alternative dystopian scenario for Humanity could be realized. There would be dominance of technologies, humanity would learn to synthesize artificial food and other materials. Sexual attraction would prevail over love to the ancestors and to the children, creating a marriage without procreation which would exist only for pleasure. Unnatural would no longer be shameful. This new "animal person, or citizen" would destroy plants and animals that would have become obsolete. Self-preservation would become the main meaning of existence, a man would give up anything that may be dangerous for life - from the air travel and the experiments on the climate control and so on. And these people "would be destroying each other, until the day of wrath."

The set of predictions of this alternative dystopian scenario by Nikolai Fyodorov is mostly about rational selfishness, that has been prevailing since XX century. A lot of predictions from this scenario have become prophetic, except inventing and using aircrafts. All Fyodorov's technological aspiration for Humanity for immortality, resurrection, teleportation had deep ethical ground as life as the main value and life for all.

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