Bourgeois theaters will be turned into national assemblies.

Protesters : Students, Activists
"When the National Assembly becomes a bourgeois theater, all the bourgeois theaters should be turned into national assemblies."

This was a slogan of the 1968 protest movement in France, written above the entrance to the occupied Odeon theater.
"A group of artists and theater people, of students and workers, formed in a revolutionary action committee, tonight occupied after the show at the Theatre des Nations, the Theatre de France-Odeon, symbol of a bourgeois culture they fundamentally contest in the same way that they contest capitalist society.

From the moment of the occupation of the theater commissions open to all were created in order to undertake a labor of reflection concerning our refusal of the distribution of entertainment-as-merchandise and on the possibilities created by the newly established situation for the development of an art of combat.

This is obviously only a first step, and we strongly request that entertainment professionals, in collaboration with workers and students, join with us and take similar initiatives at their own workplaces."

- Information Commission of the Odeon
Thursday, May 16, 1968