In 2001 fashion will be influenced by space travel adding a gold color and futuristic elements

Thierry Mugler : fashion designer
"It's funny how optimistic everyone was about the future of space travel in the 1980s. It was like they genuinely believed we'd need dresses fit for that upcoming intergalactic debutante ball, where the world's finest women would be auctioned off to Predator in exchange for humanity's continued survival. Hats off to Mugler for keeping it glamourous, though. Every sketch and painting of the future from that era always kits out its subjects in rigid, steampunk-esque garb, and while he still went for the hardy, metallic look, at least Thierry dressed his model in something she could look vaguely fuckable in, rather than the drab, robotic stuff everyone else was so keen on. I guess in one sense, at least, Mugler was right – it's 2012 now, and still no one wants to have sex with a steampunk." Jamie Clifton