A new consumer world without thinking will come

Aldous Huxley : writer
In a "Brave new world" humanity is asleep and has turned to a resource for economy to reproduce itself. People have completely abandoned traditional values, closer relationships, feelings, love, longing to think, sense and create. The only objective is satisfaction of basic needs and low emotions by consumption of goods, drugs, food, sex and entertainment. Henry Ford is a God. Scientifically bred society: 5 society stratums of different intellectual capacity are artificially brought up in special plants.
The World really seems to go in that direction. Technological progress has its price - economic power should be centralized. Huxley himself called a lot of elements prophetic. He observed the starting development of mass production, assembly line industry, consumption and entertainment in the beginning of XX century. Then he observed the Great Depression and + liberalism thought of his time as a time with very less order and tried to imagine a world with too much order - thought of a great interval to go from one extreme to other - incentive to find the golden mean. He believed that things he described were becoming right, but he didn't expect his prophecies to start becoming true so early - he had thought about 6-7 centuries more, but "the nightmare of total organization is awaiting us just around the next corner". It is a good prediction, because it not only sensed the upcoming trend, but understood the efficiency of economical and emotional control over the political dictatorship which requires much more resources to maintain. Huxley's system maintains itself cause it opiates people's longing and will and has population control.

Huxley, Aldous. 1946. Brave new world. New York: Harper & Bros.