In the near future you will have 'extra' body parts growing in cells

SYD MEAD : Artist, Indusrial designer, futurist
"Already, at least here in the United States, the 100 plus years old segment of the population is growing! The insurance companies will have to upgrade their actuarial life-span charts. As science unravels the mysteries of why and how we age the life span will definitely lengthen. This has very wide-spread consequences for society; job retirement, population growth as women give birth to children past the current 'fertile' age; certainly the health insurance/medical care expense of an aging population; all these factors would be considerably exaggerated if life extended into the multiple hundreds. In theory, the organism that is man should live for a long, long time if various chemical and pathogen profiles could be change. I do anticipate that in the near future you will have 'extra' body parts growing in cells somewhere waiting until you need a replacement, like hearts, livers, lungs, pancreas, kidneys... all of the vital organs that tend to break down with age and constant use. That fact alone could extend life into the 170's.

Would long life span induce boredom? Depends on the intellectual vitality of the person. I mean, if you live at the subsistence level, what's the point? The whole worthwhileness of living at all is curiosity, an intellectual energy that supports mental activity. Getting bored in the first place is the result of not having the mental capacity to be curious, to have a skill set that is challenged, a sense of self-worth that drives continued effort to be 'you' day by day."