Implants will be used for communication, for health condition monitoring and for keeping in contact

SYD MEAD : Artist, Indusrial designer, futurist
Mr. MEAD: I really think that implants will be the next stage. It sounds scary and it probably is, but implants will allow you to have a device which is a bio-mechanical kind of thing, which uses the energy of the heat of your body to run. And you'll have little patches. And these are little biometric little things that attach to your skin. They fall off in four days or whatever they're programmed. And these are your communication device. They interact with your physical state, your blood contents, your pulse rate. Everything goes into a medical profile all the time.

And I think that will be a big advancement in terms of communication, in terms of monitoring health conditions, in terms of contacting and keeping in contact with the world that is out there beyond that wants to know or has to know how you're doing. NORRIS: And people will accept this. It sounds rather intrusive.

Mr. MEAD: They're already accepting implants, code chips for their pets and starting to accept it for children. Now, that is scary. And it sounds almost, well, fascistic, but the nightmare scenario is that you'll be required to have one, otherwise you can't go to the bank, you can't get money, you can't communicate with the media world unless you have one.

A Glimpse of Things to Come, interview on NPR radio