Germany will militarize herself out of existence, England will expand herself out of existence, and America will spend herself out of existence.

Vladimir Lenin : Bolshevik Leader
"Distribution of income in the capitalistic society will become so inequitable that the masses of the people will not obtain sufficient income to buy the goods being produced by the industrial plants. Unsold goods will accumulate with decreasing profits and deepening depression, there will be a shift toward the production of armaments to provide profits and produce goods which can be sold and there will be and increasingly aggressive foreign policy in order to obtain markets for unsold goods in backward or undeveloped countries. Such aggressive imperialism will inevitably make Russia a target of aggression in order to prevent a successful Communist system there from becoming an attractive model for the discontented proletariat in capitalistic countries."

Vladimir Lenin, Imperialism, the Hightest State of Capitalism. Петроград: Жизнь и Знание, 1917.