Wall size TV will give a possibility to design a diverse style of our home

SYD MEAD : Artist, Indusrial designer, futurist
"The home? I worked on a project for 20th Century Fox, all the bells and whistles of what we think the future home will look like - wall-sized TV. Take "The Jetsons" and just give it a very nice, high-fashioned gloss and you have that vision. The trouble is, how do you treat a wall-sized screen? Do you put something in front of it? Do you have grandma's dining room projected on it when you're not receiving programs? Do you have a jungle? Do you have animals? Do you have a zoo? How do you treat that wall when you're not watching it? And all that's going to be a fashion and a lifestyle consideration when that capacity becomes available. And it's becoming available very quickly."

A Glimpse of Things to Come, interview on NPR radio