Flying cars will not be invented in a near future

SYD MEAD : Artist, Indusrial designer, futurist
"First of all it is a problem of logistics, human beings have never created anything that is 100% perfect. Imagine thousands and thousands of flying cars in a metropolitan area, you would have to have ideal three dimensional control over each one, because otherwise you’re going to have a disaster. And so, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. And secondly you’d have to be able to lift, support and direct a two-ton-vehicle in mid air for a period of time. Scientists have tried propellers and jets, but the time and energy consumption is too huge. And if you create anti-gravity you have to have some place for the gravity to go. So you have to displace two tons of force until you want to get rid of it again and come back down to earth. Furthermore the scientific community hasn’t got the faintest idea what gravity actually is."

interview "The Future Came True’