Method of recovery of dead people will be bought from aliens

Sergey Lukyanenko : science fiction author
- When the Psilonians were selling a device which was later named aTan to people, to very far seeing people, as you understand, they’d laid only one condition. A very strange condition if one doesn’t know their psychology. They demanded that aTan would have to be granted only once during a lifetime. Do you understand, Kay? They value life very much, but they are afraid of immortality. And what did we do?

Kay shrugged his shoulders.

- We proved to them, but only after the contract had been signed, that a resurrected man would be a new person. A legal successor of the previous one, but new nevertheless. And he would have the right to sign for the aTan once again. Wasn’t that good?

Space Opera, Science fiction novel "Line of Delirium"