Revolution, death, hunger and bloody dictator will come to Russia

Mikhail Lermontov : writer, poet
Lermontov predicted Russian Revolution and the end of Monarchy before 87 years it broke out, all the hunger and death that followed as the result of civil war, even the red colour and following coming of great dark and cruel dictator with knife - Stalin. It's ironic that the poem is even called "The prophecy".
A year will come, the year of Russia, last,
When the monarchs' crown will be cast;
Mob will forget its former love and faith,
And food of many will be blood and death;
When the cast off law will not guard
A guiltless woman and a feeble child;
When the plague on bodies, sick or dead,
Among the gloomy villages will spread,
To call from huts with pieces of a rag,
And dearth will maim this poor earth as plague;
And on the lakes will fateful glow lay:
A mighty man will come in this black day.
You'll recognize this man and understand,
Why he will have the shining knife in hand:
And woe for you! -- Your moans and appeals
He will consider just as funny things;
And all his image will be awful now,
As his black mantle and his lofty brow.

Mikhail Lermontov, The Prophecy, poem, 1830