Space pirates will hunt for the formula of absolute fuel

by Roman Kacharov, after Kir Bulychev's novel : writer, film director
Full meter animated film about space adventures of two cosmonauts and a little girl. Some phrases became very popular, e.g. "A miracle of hostile technologies" - about other worlds' inventions. A world pictured by authors of the film is an image of some fantastic bright and positive future. However, the problem of energy is slightely touched: the reason why a cosmic capian was abducted by cosmic pirates, was the "formula of absolute fuel". Also there is a cult of a strong, brave, intelligent human opposed to a mean and ignorant tough. Friendship, mutual supportivness, intelligense are main values of 22th century.
OTHER PREDICTIONS: robots as people's servants, robots runed by radio, distant tapping mission

"Mystery of the third planet"