Russian bureaucratic insanity will be infinite

Ōtsuki Gentaku, Hiroyuki Shimura : officials
Japanese sailors were shipwrecked in 1793 near Aleut islands and spend 11 years in Russia trying to get home but always faced and stuck in Russian insane bureaucracy and servility that hindered all the business.
Finally, they managed to meat Alexander I and get home with an expedition, where they retold a story about their adventures and two officials to write it down. The story of Japanese sailors in Russia inspired Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue n 1968 for a book "Dreams about Russia" and than also Russian-Japanese movie. There is no direct prediction in the novel, but the novel itself is considered to be of great prophetic value in terms of describing and explaining Russia, its political system, bureaucracy and servility and has been relevant for more than 100 years.

Ōtsuki, Gentaku, Hiroyuki Shimura, and V. N. Goregli︠a︡d. 1961. Kankaĭ ibun = Udivitelnye svedeniia ob okruzhaiushchikh moriakh. Tetrad vosmaia, Slovar. Moskva: Izd-vo vostochnoĭ lit-ry.