Cultural heritage will belong not to the people but to the "Cloud" corporations

Ulrik Hogrebe : expert in media and design
We are moving from a system of content ownership to content access. In the Internet all this "cloud" systems (Apple Store, Amazon, Bookmate, Zvooq and others), that provide payable access to music, movie, literature and any other content that is our common cultural heritage will now control the distribution of knowledge and cultural pieces. You won't be able to lend a book to your friend anymore, cause you are not the owner of the piece in digital cloud system.
Author's comments: "Everything they do depends on restricting and allowing access. It’s how they make their money. When you buy a track from Amazon or iTunes, they allow you access to a digital copy of that track, which you then store on your computer. You achieve ownership and with ownership, you now have the ability to provide access. Ownership is power. Most importantly, it is our heritage. Our past (remember that Orwell quote: “whoever controls the past, controls the future”?). The most brilliant and revolutionary thoughts (and the lamest and most inconsequential stuff too) in the hands of the people. Now please tell me why we are rushing to give back that power we hold. Back to the people who’s motive is not enlightenment and creativity, but profit."

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