I love Pege so much!

Georgy Danelia : film director
"Kin-dza-dza" is a fantastic film about life in parallel worlds, which is going on simultaneously with the one on the Earth. It is a weird world with a state system providing social differenciation as a crutial element of organization. Metaphorically it is a tragic parody on possible future of the Soviet system, where is no private property, no comfort, no wealth, but still remain strong social ideology and beliefs in the personality of a political lider.
One of the most powerful voicings is made by a character from the alternative world where exists nothing exept for sands, trash and society whith the main value expressed in respect to political leaders and the feeling of community. "When society does not have a differentiation of pants by colour, it does not have aim, and when it does not have an aim…" Then the he was interrupted.