People from the Earth will clean other planets

Richard Victorov : writer, film director
A utopia about life in XXIII century. People in the future have different superpowers (ability to read books with a single touch, live without air, teleportation etc) . There is a big theme of ecological treatment of human environment. Earth in future will live through a big ecological disaster and people will learn how to clean the physical environment. But later one of other planets is deadly polluted with products of human life and people from Earth come to this planet to clean it. There they face the reasons of such a poor ecological state: corruption and authoritarian and tyrannical power of one cruel person who is interested in bad ecology as he sells fresh air to people of the planet.
The prediction is true about the appearance of the notion of "biomass" - a general description of natural and uncontrolled evolution of flora and fauna. "This is biomass, now it sleeps, but could swallow all organics. While it does not have brain, it is insatiable". PREDICTIONS about the mode of life: robots as people's servants, minimalistic style in furniture, fashion and household objects; OTHER PREDICTIONS: cloning of a human

"Through the thorns to the stars" scenario by Kir Bulychev