We will watch stereovizor: TV with stereo screen, which also provides smells

Strugatsky Brothers : science fiction authors
“What was on the SV yesterday?”
“Blue Fields,” Panin said. “Relayed from Argentina.”
“So how was it?” asked Gurgenidze.
“They should be kept it,” said Panin.
“Oh,” said Malyshev. “Is that where he keeps dropping the refrigerator?”
“The vacuum cleaner,” Panin corrected.
“Then I’ve seen it,” said Malyshev. “Why didn’t you like it? It’s not a bad
film. The music is good, and it has a good odor scale. Remember, when they’re
by the sea?”
“Maybe,” said Panin. “Only the olfactor on my set’s broken. It reeks of smoked
fish all the time. It was really

Noon: 22nd Century