In the future city skyscrapers will rise out of vast parks and superhighways.

Le Corbusier : Architect
The Ville Contemporaine was an unrealised project to house three million inhabitants. The centerpiece of this plan was a group of sixty-story cruciform skyscrapers. These skyscrapers were set within large, rectangular park-like green spaces. At the center of the planned city was a transportation center which housed depots for buses and trains as well as highway intersections and at the top, an airport.
Le Corbusier's buildings were designed to house the industrial and intellectual elite, not the poor. In the face of today's massive urban crises, his desire to create cities where "the air is clean and pure" and "there is hardly any noise" seems naively idealistic, but his urban schemes were prophetic in the way they anticipated elements of today's cityscapes.

Ville Contemporaine, 1922