Human will find a way to overcome death

Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov : Philosopher
"The conditions under which the death takes our power and overcome us - they are something we are quite well known, according to the personal and the general experience, so, therefore, the opposite conditions have to be known to us as well - the conditions under which we take the power from death and in the end we can overcome it."
"Те условия, при которых смерть забирает над нами силу и побеждает нас, — они-то нам достаточно хорошо известны и по личному, и по общему опыту, так, значит, должны быть нам известны и противоположные условия, при которых мы забираем силу над смертью и в конце концов можем победить ее."

"The idea of a Superman". V.S. Soloviev, Works in 2 vols, vol. 2, "Misl", Moscow 1988