Grobovoy will be a president of Russia in 2008

Grigory Grabovoy : fraudster
Grabovoy: Yes. The same thing - he translates Hindi quite clearly, there is only one interpretation in this language, and he specifically told me that I am in his understanding is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ - but it's not even that And by the way, he learned .... At this time ... he's never been wrong in prognostics, by the way, many residents of India for the whole life can not reach him - but he welcomed me right away, he said - it will be known all over the world, when you will go in the limousine ...

M. Shevchenko: Are you already driving the limousine?

Grabovoy: No, not yet. But I think the point is that when I will be inaugurated as a president of Russia in 2008, people will see that I am going ...

M. Shevchenko: You will become the president of Russia in what year?

Grabovoy: in 2008.
Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy is a Russian self-proclaimed faith healer and a sect leader. He attracted a large amount of media attention in 2005 when he promised to resurrect the children killed in Beslan school hostage crisis.

interview on the radio "Echo of Moscow"