Internet will weaken neighborhood and community ties

John A. Bargh, Katelyn Y.A. McKenna : Academic
While it is popular belief that the development of internet potentially threatens communication in real life, it could also help to create local social networks that are also manifest in real life. Moscow's sleeping districts are known for the lack of communication between residents as there is little social infrastructure that encourages people to spend more time in the neighborhood than at home. Interestingly, with the expansion of internet, a lot of web communities within neighborhoods have appeared. People use it actively and this way of communication works well to solve issues with neighbors.
The prediction implies a negative impact of internet on local communities, while countless apps and examples actually show that technology can enhance social cohesion.

John A. Bargh and Katelyn Y.A. McKenna. (2011) The Guardian, [online], Available: [30 Jan 2013].