Tourist will travel to Space by Space elevator

Obayashi Corp : construction firm
It will be possible to build a Space elevator that stretches a quarter of the way to the moon with using carbon nanotube technology. At 200 kilometers per hour, the design's 30-passenger climber would be able to reach the GEO level after a 7.5 day trip. It could execute an out-of-this-world plan to put tourists in Space
Obayashi Corp claims it could use carbon nanotube technology, which is more than 20 times stronger than steel, to build a lift shaft 96,000 kilometres (roughly 60,000 miles) above the Earth. The company said it would carry up to 30 passengers at a time and travel at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour for a week, stopping off at a station at 36,000 kilometres. Tourists would stay there, but researchers and specialists would be able to travel all the way to the end, said Satomi Katsuyama, the project's leader. "Humans have long adored high towers," she said. "Rather than building it from the earth, we will construct it from the space."

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