We will call them 'robots'

Karel Capek : Playwright
Robot (n.) - 1923, from English translation of 1920 play R.U.R. ("Rossum's Universal Robots”), by Karel Capek (1890-1938), from Czech robotic “slave,” from robota “forced labor, drudgery,” from robotiti “to work, drudge,” from
an Old Czech source akin to Old Church Slavonic rabota “servitude,” from rabu “slave” (see orphan), from a Slavic stem related to Ger. Arbeit “work” (O.H.G. arabeit). According to Rawson the word was popularized by Karel Capek’s play, “but was coined by his brother Josef (the two often collaborated), who used it initially in a short story.” In 1973 Japan, the first Robot Humanoid was born.

"Rossum's Universal Robots” - a play by Karel Capek, 1920