A war will engulf the east at the end of the century.

NSK : Artists
"All art is subject to Politcal Manipulation except that which speaks the language of the same manipulation." This statement by NSK, the Slovenian countercultural art collective which was formed in 1984, is an idea which best explains the motivation behind their work. NSK is made of up several art groups, including the musical group Laibach, the visual art group Irwin and the performance group, Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre. NSK, which stands for Newe Slowenische Kunst - German for "New Slovenian Art", evokes themes of totalitarian government and extreme nationalism in their projects. NSK subverts these ideologies by taking them more seriously than the political regimes themselves - by "speaking the language of the manipulation". The industrial conditions or proletariate life, especially that of coal mining which was the prevalent industry in Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 20th century, was the formative inspiration for their work. In 1992, NSK established a new state, without physical territory and not associated with any nationality, the 'first global state of the universe'.

'Predictions of Fire', documentary by Michael Benson, 1995.