Eurossiya will appear

Jean Thiriart : politician
"Between Iceland and Vladivostok we can unite 800 million people (at least for the sake of keeping the balance with the 1,200 millions Chinese) and yet find in the Siberian soil all that is needed to satisfy energetic and strategic requirements.From the economic point of view, Siberia is the province of the European empire most necessary to its viability. A great union of highly industrialized and technologically leading Western Europe with Siberian Europe, disposing of almost inexhaustible commodity reserves, will allow the creation of a most powerful republican Empire, with which nobody will but come to an agreement."
“If Moscow wants to make Europe European, I preach total collaboration with the Soviet enterprise. I will then be the first to put a red star on my cap. Soviet Europe, yes, without reservations.”

Thiriart, J. (1992) “L’Europe jusqu’à Vladivostok,” Nationalisme & République, no. 9, September.