Lifestyle will become more unsustainable in the third and fourth decades of the 21 century

Stephen Aguilar-Millan : journalist
Ann Feeney : journalist
Amy Oberg : journalist
Elizabeth Rudd : journalist
The two decades between 2020 and 2040 will coincide with material scarcity as “peak everything” takes hold. Peak oil - the point at which historical global production of oil will peak and thereafter diminish. No one knows precisely when peak oil will occur - there are many forecasts, ranging from about 2015 to 2040. Peak oil will occur at some point during the age of scarcity. At the same time, there will be other peaks in many of the minerals that are now essential to the global economy. For example, supplies of antimony (a strategic mineral essential to the production of semiconductors) will peak between 2020 and 2040. Tantalum (essential to the production of capacitors and resistors) will peak between 2025 and 2035. Zinc (an important metal in the production of batteries) will peak between 2025 and 2035.