Siberia will be a part of China

Laurent Murawiec : politician
There will be the risk of a military conflict between a depopulated Russia and an overpopulated China for control of the enormous land mass east of the Urals. By that time, with a population of just 5 million inhabitants always more isolated from Moscow, Siberia would have already been included into China’s policy of development for the “Great West” (Xībù Dàkāifā).
The eventuality of a war between Russia and China for control of Siberia and its natural resources is not at all unlikely. The Sleeping Land, which covers three-quarters of Russia’s territory, is currently home to only a quarter of the country’s population: 38 million people. Around 6 million Siberians live on the Russian side of the border with China, an insignificant figure compared to the 90 million Chinese living on the other side. The demographic imbalance between the two sides of the border is so marked that even Russia’s President Vladimir Putin once had to admit: “Unless we make a serious effort, the Russians in the border regions will have to speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean in a few decades.”
Laurent Murawiec is a member of the Hudson Institute and of the Committee on the Present Danger, and formerly defence analyst at the RAND corporation.

The Hudson Institute (2007) “The Great Siberian War of 2030”