Idealistic and unreasonable projects will be started in the North of Russia and Siberia

Frantz Kafka : writer
There will be a mystic unfinished Siberian north road to a mythical town Kalda. It would be completely unnecessary and unneeded, but still working for some ridiculous hope of government investment and profitability. There will be very few people living there to maintain the road and there would be a constant feeling of solitude and longing.
This short story predicted Russian future development of North and Siberia in XX century. This road is very similar to the construction of future construction of a road along the Arctic Circle by Gulag prisoners which remained unfinished, or BAM railway in Siberia or any other infrastructure and industrial projects in an empty snowy wilderness, and symbolizes unborn and unrealized idealistic ideas that is kind of Russian weird fate.

Kafka, Franz, Max Brod, and Joseph Kresh. 1948. The diaries of Franz Kafka. New York: Schocken Books. (Remembering Kaldu road, 1914)