Development of urbanism will сause social inequality

Fritz Lang : movie director
Thea von Harbou : scriptwriter
There will be a great and rich city Metropolis with skyscrapers and floating highways which will live from the underground's workers city living and working in harsh conditions controlling the machines. Metropolis will be powered by energy and resources of underground workers. A robot will be invented - a human-machine indistinguishable to a real human. Human-machine will have no heart, it will enjoy evil and will be a manifestation of Antichrist. The main message is that to destroy inequality and evil you have to find a compromise and a mediator between the head and hands must be the heart.

The movie has many allusions to the Bible, the story about Babel tower, Book of Revelation and others. Predictions from the movie are mostly true about big cities and megapolises developing now in many parts of the world. And to exist these cities need to consume a lot of people's energy and resources who work for the them or sacrifice their plots of land for the new skyscrapers. It's happening in Asia. Metaphorically Metropolis predictions are true in terms of remaining inequality and sacrifice for growing urbanism.

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