Urban plans for high-rise buildings will generate construction regulations

ECM development company : Developer
Starting from 1977 in Pankratz, a neighboorhood of Prague situated 3,5 km south from the city center, the first high-rise buildings were constructed according to the plan of creating ¨Prague’s Manhattan¨. Until the end of 1980s there were four more skyscrapers built in that area. They became the only high-rise buildings in Prague. Even though the buildings are situated far from the historical part of the city and not visible from most of the places in the city -when looking from the Letna park in Prazhsky Grad - they create a specific skyline because of the big spaces in between the skyscrapers and appear on the same level as the spires of several cathedrals.
In 1997 the city of Prague launched a competition on redevelopment of the area but the winning architect’s proposal (together with the ECM development company) to fill the gaps in between the skyscraper with even higher buildings was rejected by the Ministry of Culture. Nevertheless even the next and less radical plan wasn’t approved by a lot of people and one of Prague’s communities protecting architectural heritage asked UNESCO for help. Inspite the resolution of UNESCO, the plan wasn’t rejected but the construction works were stopped anyway due to the crises. The city of Prague created the document forever defining the spaces where it was allowed to build high-rise buildings.

“Moskovskoe Nasledie” newspaper, Dec 2012