Helicopters will land at the bus/car/monorail center in Oklahoma

The movie “Growing with Pride” starts with an animated figure, an Irish-accented “Casey Ocura” (OCURA — Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority) who greets viewers with an explanation that the head of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is about to give a tour of the city to a visiting executive.

To understand yesterday's leaders one must remember that even as this film was made in the mid-1970s the city still had dreams of creating a monorail system (one that, of course, would hook up with the helicopter port at the convention center).
The film celebrates the destruction of hundreds of older buildings that included the Criterion and Warner theaters, the Baum Building and Biltmore Hotel.
“How often do you see urban renewal on this scale?” Stacy's chamber executive asks in the film. “It's the beginning of a new city. Most of the old downtown area is gone already and is being rebuilt.”

Growing with Pride (film)