The Russian Chess Master Future sees a great Eurasian civilisation rising from the defeat of the old Soviet Union

Michael Lee : writer
It becomes an energy giant and uses its newfound wealth to build its social fabric instead of squandering a generation of wealth on corrupt power oligarchs. The leaders of the nation sense it is the country’s last chance for greatness and know that they need to invest their wealth back into their society. In addition to formulating strong social policies and funding a knowledge and scientific revolution, the Russian leaders bring in millions of foreign workers over the next two decades to compensate for their rapid depopulation, creating dynamic new Russian border towns in the far east alongside China. The growing freedom and cosmopolitanism of the new Russia is nurtured by a society intent on modernising and growing. Russia matures into a leading global citizen.

Lee, M., (2012) "The Bellow of the Eurasian Brown Bear: Russia in the 21st Century", [online], Available: