Political slavery of Russians under monarch's tirany will last

Marquis de Custine : writer
Russian political culture, attraction to totalitarian regime, culture of servility, slavery, violence, lie and hypocrisy under rigid political hierarchy and bureaucracy have remained unchanged for more than 150 years passed and could stay the same.
Marquis de Custine was a public figure in France and Europe of his time, shared monarchist views rather than democratic, wanted to write Russian alternative for american "About democracy by Tocqueville" to support Russian future as monarchy and Empire as the best political system. But he changed his political views completely after visiting Russia. There is no direct prediction in the novel, but the novel itself is considered to be of great prophetic value in terms of describing and explaining Russia, its political system and national character and has been relevant for more than 100 years. http://www.colta.ru/docs/3840

Custine, Astolphe. 1843. La Russie en 1839. Paris: Amyot.