The destiny of Russia will remain irrational and unbeknown

Nikolai Gogol : writer
Russian national characters and cultural patterns of behavior and the way of life, fortuity or irrationality of Russia's path and destiny have remained unchanged for more than 150 years passed and could stay the same.
There is no direct prediction in the novel, but the novel itself is considered to be of great prophetic value in terms of describing and explaining Russia, its national characters and types of behavior, absurdity of political system and its unknown irrational destiny and has been relevant for more than 100 years.

Gogol, Nikolań≠ Vasilevich. 2000. Dramaticheskie otryvki i otdelnye stseny ; Mertvye dushi ; Vybrannye mesta iz perepiski s druziami. Moskva: Slovo.