Governments will fully disarm and unite to create a fund to ensure the future of the planet.

Communist Party of the Soviet Union : politicians
This could have been the global outcome after Perestroika if the Soviet Union had transformed itself into a federative state based on the empowerment of its citizens. It could have been a model for the West, who might have been inspired by the processes of socialist renewal and carried out their own series of social-democratic reforms. Instead, after privatization caused huge class inequality and extreme forms of nationalism and religious obscurism were demonstrated in Russia, an economic collapse has caused the decline of health care, education, scientific research, and education. Cold War mentality persisted. Neoliberalism has been triumphed, while Communist ideals for the empowerment of the majority of people have been abandoned.

Chto Delat? "Perestroika Timeline.", displayed at Former West 'Dissident Knowledges' exhibition, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 18-24 March 2013.