There will be more superficial books

Nym Crinkle : journalist
The March 25, 1893 Newark Daily Advocate (Newark, OH) featured four journalists who made predictions of what the world of 1993 would look like. About publishing, Nym Crinkle observed: 'Every person of fairly good education and of restless mind writes a book. As a rule, it is a superficial book, but it swells the bulk and it indicated the cerebral unrest that is trying to express itself. We have arrived at a condition in which more books are printed than the world can read. This is true not only of books that are not worth reading, but it is true of the books that are. All this I take to be the result of an intellectual affranchisement that is new, and of a dissemination of knowledge instead of concentration of culture. Everybody wants to say something.(..) In 100 years there will not be so many books printed, but there will be more said. That seems to me to be inevitable.'

'Predictions for 1993' - The Newark Daily Advocate, March 25 1893