Upcoming social and political changes will be advantageous to the community at large

John Swanton : journalist
The March 25, 1893 Newark Daily Advocate (Newark, OH) featured four journalists who made predictions of what the world of 1993 would look like. About the US, John Swanton noted: 'I guess that there will be great political and social changes in our country before the year 1993, and that these changes will be advantageous to the community at large. I guess that before the next century shall end the functions and powers of our government will be greatly enlarged; that railroads, telegraphs and many other things now held as private spoil will be public property; that law, medicine and theology will be more reasonable than they now are; that the inventions and discoveries will be greater than we have ever yet had, and that the welfare of mankind will be higher than it is in this age of confusion.'

'Predictions for 1993' - The Newark Daily Advocate, March 25 1893