Rich will need to share their apartments with poor

Vladimir Lenin : politician
In his article “Will Bolsheviks Keep the Power over the State?” Vladimir Lenin raises the question of housing and suggests that the rich should share their apartments with the poor. After a resolution “On the abolition of the private property for the real estate” issued in 1918 those who had more square meters per person than the new norm suggested would have to share their apartments with somebody else. In his article Lenin cites a hypothetical conversation taking place at an apartment to be shared: “You, citizens, stay in two rooms this winter, and the other two prepare for the two families from the basement. This is until the time when with help of the engineers (you are an engineer, aren’t you?) we will build good apartments for everyone. Until that you need to make some room.”
Lenin himself helped turning this prediction into reality. As the first Premier of the Sovjet Union, he created a base for a housing policy with a prominent role for communal space that (previously) rich and poor citizens would share.

Lenin, Vladimir, Will Bolsheviks Keep the Power over the State?, Prosvyashenie Magazine, 1917.