70% of today'€™s jobs will be carried out by robots within 90 years

Kevin Kelly : Editor
"Wired magazine'€™s Kevin Kelly has predicted that 70 per cent of today'€™s everyday life jobs could be completely carried out by robots within 90 years. With the machinery relieving us humans from our workload, we would be free to "explore €œnew tasks that expand who we are€". Kelly says that by 2100 we will all have our own robots at our service to perform our jobs for us leaving us free to lie on the sofa and have a nap."
Kelly's educated guess may well come true. However, many similar predictions from the 60s about future shifts in work and leisure in the year 2000 were proven wrong. Perhaps the promise of more (or too much) leisure time will always remain a prediction.

The week in odd news: Jan. 3, 2013. - Natasha Sporn, MSN 2013