By the year 2,000 you will live in a world transformed by the microprocessor

Christopher Evans : businessman
"Not since Future Shock and The Greening of America has any book illuminated so radical, so sweeping, so amazing a change in the daily lives of every human being. The microprocessor - the computer chip that processes huge amounts of information in a fraction of a second! IN YOUR OWN LIFETIME, YOU MAY SEE: a pocket-size diagnostic aid for doctors, containing all relevant information; ultra-informed machines programmed to solve world problems; dolls and mechanical toys that respond to a spoken word; robots ready to cut the lawn"
"The possibilities are endless. Now renowned computer scientist Christopher Evans presents in a clear and engaging manner, the history, present influence, and future of the "microchip" - the tiny device that will forever alter our politics, education, economy, occupations - all of our daily lives!"

Evans, C., (1979), "The micro millennium", Viking