The world will be far ahead in space travel and modern technology

Pat Bentley : citizen
"Dear People of the Year 2076, In the year 2076, the world will be far ahead in space travel and modern technology. There will be space flights to other planets. Machines will take over, modern man will become a living blobb. California will not be on the map and the weather will change through out the world. Hungar will strike Asia and Europe. The civilization of 2076 will depend upon the polluted sea waters for food. Nuclear enery will supply our needs. Population control will be put into affect. The world will be over populous. Schools wll be television programs. This may all seem funny to you but I remember a time when space travel was all just a dream."
On July 4, 1976 newspapers all across America dedicated special sections to the history and future of the country. The Grand Prairie Daily News in Grand Pairie, Texas invited readers to write letters to the people of 2076, who would presumably be celebrating the United States Tricentennial. Today we have some of those letters from high school students of the year 1976. What's pretty clear in reading the letters is that even most high school kids weren't very optimistic about what the next hundred years had in store for them.

The Grand Prairie Daily News, July 4, 1976